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Busua, Ghana


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Since material donations are quite hard to ship due to the long way of transportation monetary donations are best used. Like that we can also ensure that the money is exactly there used where it is mostly needed.

We dream of the possibility that our customers can not only surf with us, but also their accommodation is located with us. 


We want you find the place which is perfectly designed to hang out, relax, meet new people and experience the Ghana surf lifestyle you’ve heard of from back home.

As for the girls, our dream is to train the first female surf coaches so that the girls can also benefit financially from surfing, which is particularly important. The traditional way says otherwise, but this way they could support the family and still pursue their passion, surfing.

Together We Move e.V.


Together We Move e.V.

IBAN: DE60 8306 5408 0
005 2061 20



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Together We Move - acts as a link between funding and partner organizations to ensure that funding is used transparently and efficiently.  The Developement Sports Projects was founded in 2021 based in Bielefeld, Germany by 8 founding members. Based on their personal experiences as volunteers regarding the support of development projects and initiatives, the idea came up to found a non-profit association, which acts as a contact and promoter for recognized partner organizations of preferably (former) volunteers.


In the meantime you can find multiple documentations/ reports on TV or magazines about our story:

…and many more that are not published yet.

Brothers and Obibini Girls Surf Club is ready to grow and serve more children, 50% of whom are girls. Join the tribe by donating per month.

As a donator of this surf family, you'll be part of sharing our dream of introducing children and youth to the healing power of the ocean and helping them to build a sustainable future through our proven formula of surfing, education and nutrition.

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