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Busua, Ghana


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JUSTICE founded the surf school 2013. Before he was working for five years for a Surfer from the UK who was running a surf shop in Busua. With only two boards he started his business.

Whether you're advanced or a beginner, Justice will get everything out of you so you can improve - no worries!

He is considered one of the best surfers in Ghana, can read the waves perfectly and will teach you everything from the theory to practice very well.

Justice also realized that there are no Ghanaian girls who surf. With that, 2017 Justice decided to create this initiative and the team was in!


 Kelly(Emmanuel) started at the age of 11 years when he saw tourists surfing. He felt very inspired and tried on his own! 
Besides improving his own skills and competing at contests, he helped out at other surf schools, but later on he joined Justice and the surf school. With the foundation of the girls group he is also part of it. 

He prefers to teach beginners because the first surf lessons are always fun and exciting particularly.
The basis is created here.
They stay in memory.

He loves surfing and other beach sports like volleyball!
It makes him very happy and it's also very healthy - for everyone! 

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Peter started with surfing at the age of 24 and he simply likes everything about surfing.
Justice is his cousin and so he was able to turn his hobby into a profession and share his passion! 

He especially likes to support advanced surfers in the green wave, so you often see Justice and Peter together further back in the ocean or on trips with clients who want to tour the different surf spots along the ghanaian coast.

He often trains the girls in balance and coordination before they go out on the water or cheers the girls on when they've surfed a good wave! 

Thunder (Ebenezer) once started with the wooden board at the age of five years - like all the team members.

He grow up with the other so called brothers and his first real try to surf was 5 years later. Because for the locals there was no possibility to use a proper board, he unfortunately had to stop surfing for a while.

One day Justices asked him to work as a surf instructor and he couldn't resist. Finally back at it. In the meantime he has participated in four competitions and he enjoys paddling out with others.

It's better together! The feeling of being surrounded by the ocean is very special. Just having fun in the waves and being happy. Other than that you will see him probably playing football. 

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CHRIS Assuah


Carolina has been the helping hand at Justice's side since 2020 and is probably the biggest fan of the girl group. When it comes to women empowerment Carolina shares ideas and organizes support to take first steps to explain social taboos of the past.Together, the Justice's Brothers and Carolina always find ways to support the girls in various ways.

Since the first ever surf lesson with Justice, she also fell into surfing. When she is in Ghana, working out with the girls, cheering on them or taking pictures of the surfers is a big fun.

She teaches wonderful Yoga classes in Busua at the beach or at rooftops with a beautiful view and offers relaxing massages and Yoga classes at Ahanta Waves Eco lodge.


Besides Justice, Kelly, Peter and Thunder we have other licensed coaches that are helping out in need. Especially with bigger group lessons we need as many coaches as possible to provide the best possible surf experience.


We fight for women's empowerment and gender equality. With the help of surfing, we create a safe space for young women in Busua, Ghana, to promote their self-confidence and thus support them in leading a self-determined life. 


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