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Busua, Ghana



Justice's Brothers was founded in 2013. Justice started and grew out to a company of friends with one big mutual love: SURFING!
Beginners and experienced surfers are welcome and supported by professional teachers.

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From absolute beginner over intermediate and beyond, we can show how to make the waves your playground. For those who already have been on a board, we are also renting out boards so you can surf on your own.

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Have a look at the guest houses we reccoment but are also thrilled to show you our salty soul home stay. It is still under construction but ask us and we will show you around.
A little dream comes true by the end of the year!! Stay tuned. 

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We offer many more activities in addition to surfing for your holidays in Busua so that you can have a memorable and fun time here with us. We are happy to help you organise the activities that you enjoy most.


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Justice is a very professional teacher, we did not have any experience, yet we were able to surf after a very short time!


I spent some really nice days in Busua with the Justice's Brothers. After an individual surfing lesson they invited me to a yummy ghanaian fufu and when I lost my phone in the car to busua, they found out the driver so I got it back. I had a lot of fun with the boys, will definitely come again!


My best surfing experience by far. The guys of Justices Surf School are the best. I learned a lot and had so much fun. I loved it!


We fight for women's empowerment and gender equality. With the help of surfing, we create a safe space for young women in Busua, Ghana, to promote their self-confidence and thus support them in leading a self-determined life. 


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