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Busua, Ghana



Justice's Brothers was founded in 2013. Justice started and grew out to a company of friends with one big mutual love: SURFING!
Beginners and experienced surfers are welcome and supported by professional teachers.

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From absolute beginner over intermediate and beyond, we can show how to make the waves your playground. For those who already have been on a board, we are also renting out boards so you can surf on your own.

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Our partners from the Scorpion Hill Lodge, located just a few minutes walk from our surf school, are happy to host to directly at the beach so you can access the surf classes super easily and by foot.

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We offer many more activities in addition to surfing for your holidays in Busua so that you can have a memorable and fun time here with us. We are happy to help you organise the activities that you enjoy most.

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Justice is a very professional teacher, we did not have any experience, yet we were able to surf after a very short time!


I spent some really nice days in Busua with the Justice's Brothers. After an individual surfing lesson they invited me to a yummy ghanaian fufu and when I lost my phone in the car to busua, they found out the driver so I got it back. I had a lot of fun with the boys, will definitely come again!


My best surfing experience by far. The guys of Justices Surf School are the best. I learned a lot and had so much fun. I loved it!


We fight for women's empowerment and gender equality. With the help of surfing, we create a safe space for young women in Busua, Ghana, to promote their self-confidence and thus support them in leading a self-determined life. 


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