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Busua, Ghana



Out here, all is PEACEFUL. You are at the centre of the world, quite literally, and still far away from everything. 

With its long coastline and world-class, surf waves, Ghana may very well be the next
BIG SURF DESTINATION. Ghana is positioned to receive uninterrupted ocean swells from the Southern Hemisphere. 

As Ghana is located at the Equator, even the cold currents of the Atlantic Ocean cannot manage to lower the sea temperature to less than 24 °C. 
You can go surfing in Ghana at ANY TIME THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. If you want the best waves then it is best to go during the peak season which is from the months of April to August. The waves usually shoulder high at this point in time and may get bigger when there are certain point breaks.

A six-hour drive west of Accra will take you to BUSUA - THE SURF CAPITAL OF GHANA.

Here’s an excellent beach break with waves breaking both right and left, and there is a fairly long stretch of shallow white water waves for beginners to practice in.

>> If you are a
BEGINNER and you're afraid of harsh waves, then worry not, this place is great for you.

>> If you are an
ADVANCED surfer and you want something a little more difficult, then you can explore the waters where the tide is called Black mamba. It is located 20 minutes away from the beach if you go paddling.

Busua is a popular beach break town for foreign volunteers and backpack travelers, yet the town has retained its fishing village charm. The atmosphere is welcoming and there are plenty of local options to eat, sleep, shop, and drink.

Speaking of eating, an absolute must is
OKORYE TREE RESTAURANT DIRECTLY AT THE JB SURF SHOP, you can't miss it. This beachfront restaurant is run by local entrepreneurial women serving up healthy portions of Ghanaian favorites. Go there once and you will surely be back for more, whether it be for the food, the evening drinks, or the social vibe.


- Busua
- Kokrobite
- Musston
- Gomoa Fetteh
- Cape 3 Points
- Dixcove point
- Achenim
- Keta
- Ezile Bay

Surfing in BUSUA started at the Black Star Surf Shop ruined by a Surfer from UK around 2009. Justice's Brothers and Ahanta Waves were established afterwards.
Nowadays there are some surf schools more.


DIXCOVE is a small fishing village that is located not far from Busua. The place is very easy to find and offers waves for everyone. The waves are quite frequent and the point break heads in the right direction. Usually, the waves go up to about 150m but during the rainy season, it goes up to 300m in length. You will need to paddle for about 5 minutes to get to the break but be careful of the rocky bottom when you head there!

We fight for women's empowerment and gender equality. With the help of surfing, we create a safe space for young women in Busua, Ghana, to promote their self-confidence and thus support them in leading a self-determined life. 


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